Photo credit: Scott Mac Donough

Miriam Parker – Interdisciplinary artist

Miriam Parker is an interdisciplinary artists who uses movement, paint, sound, video projection and sculpture/installation to create performance-based works. Her work has been influenced by her experience as a dancer, her study of Buddhism and phenomenology, and her connection to the free jazz tradition.  Her professional career has extended overseas to Europe and Israel. She has worked with Yoshiko Chuma and the School of Hard Knocks until present. Parker has performed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY; The Fridman Gallery, NY; a residency at École Normale Supérieure, Paris; at the Every Women Biennial, NY; Survey Dover Plains, NY; at Vision Festival through consecutive years; the Satellite Art Fair, Miami, FL; Clement Soto Velez Cultural and Education Center, NY; Whitebox ArtCenter, NY; a month residency at Governors Island in the House of Poetics curated by Cooper Union; among others. 

She has collaborated with Jo Wood-Brown, Christina Smiros and Luke Stewart, among others. She is co-founder and collaborator of Inner City Projects, a multimedia collaborative work group with Jo Wood Brown, based in New York. They have performed in WhiteBOx New York, NY; Five Myles, in Brooklyn, NY; and Roulette Intermedium, Brooklyn, NY.  She lives and works in New York. 

Photo courtesy of the artist

Jo Wood-Brown – Multimedia artist

New York City-based multimedia artist Wood-Brown has exhibited work widely as a painter and an installation artist both independently and collaboratively under InnerCity Projects with Miriam Parker.

“I paint in the studio; but outside the studio, I work with a hybrid form between painting and photography by using portable painted imagery that I refer to as “sylphs”. I juxtapose these ephemeral painted figures against the backdrop of different geographical, political, and environmental locations that build my dialogue by capturing the spontaneity of their intersections. The sylphs come from a desire to respond to the world around me and bring together the in-time documentary aspect of photography with a painter’s sense of timeless image.

The components of my assemblages for Lost Voyage act as offerings for collaboration, and to continuously shift and coax multiple storylines. The artists and viewers can leap from element to element, recollecting and providing their own narratives and tethers within the associative fabric of the sculptures. When combined with video and photographic projections, the assemblages bring location and reality to the poetic elements of Lost Voyage. ”

Collaborating Artists

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Asiya Wadud – Writer

Asiya Wadud is the author of Crosslight for Youngbird, day pulls down the sky/ a filament in gold leaf (written collaboratively with Okwui Okpokwasili), Syncope and the forthcoming No Knowledge Is Complete Until It Passes Through My Body. Asiya is a 2019-2020 Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC)  artist-in-residence and a 2020 Danspace Project PLATFORM writer-in-residence. Her work has been presented at LMCC’s River To River: Four Voices, Mount Tremper Arts, and Danspace Project and recent writing appears in e-flux journal, BOMB Magazine, Social Text Journal, FENCE, Makhzin, and elsewhere. She lives in Brooklyn, New York, where she teaches poetry at Saint Ann’s School.

Photo Credit: Luke Copping

Tifanni R. Moore – Practitioner

Tiffani R. Moore is the Founder and Owner of Moore Well-Beings in addition to Intuitive Healer – Attuned Reiki Practioner, 300Hour certified Yin and 26+2 (Bikram) yoga instructor, BreathWork, and Meditation Facilitator. Before making her mark in the world of wellness, Tiffani spent 15+ years building an award-winning career as a Creative Consultant and Wardrobe Stylist.

In late 2012 she was diagnosed with SLE Lupus, suffering from a bevy of different symptoms ranging from loss of rotation in her joints to hair loss and brain fog.  Moore followed her intuition and begun to study the power of alternative therapies including meditation, yoga and herbal medicine and many of the healing practices she utilizes with clients now.

After years of applied research, Moore is grateful to be healthy and symptom-free, ‘healing’ and connecting to the truest version of Self, became a regular part of daily life. Possessing a great veneration for this work, she knew that everything she learned was not only for her healing, but it was also for the healing of people all over the world.

Fueled by her devotion to exploring her physical, emotional and spiritual healing as well as her 15+ years in Creative industries Tiffani founded Moore Well-Beings; a boutiques wellness organization focused on creating safe space for marginalized communities to explore various holistic wellness modalities. Allowing minds and hearts to open up to creative forms of healing and the freedom of self-expression.

Photo courtesy of the artist

Alystyre Julian – Documentarian/photographer

Alystyre Julian is the director of “Outrider” film, to debut in 2021. While working on “Outrider,” primarily featuring poet/performer Anne Waldman, she has documented many poets, artists, musicians, and cultural activists working individually and collectively. She has also worked as stills photographer on feature films “Monsters and Men” (2017), “Diane” (2018), and “Goldie” (2018). Photos from “Outrider” film will appear in the upcoming Boog Reader (2020). 

In documenting, whether photo or video, there is a kind of presence/moment that might be illumined and I am stealthily scouting for it. I wish to illuminate the artist/voyagers working in Lost Voyage/Oasis, and to construct a view around their making. I see my camera as a lost voyager interspersed in the space to meet the artists in their investigative moments, and to allow for the documentary view of their collective breaths towards Oasis. 

Alystyre holds an MFA in writing from Bard College (1999). She has previously published poetry, reviews, and articles in journals and online publications, and has written screenplays. 

For 20 years, she has taught yoga to private clients and groups, and now continues her classes form her home virtual studio, pink quartz yoga. 

Originally from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Alystyre is based in New York City.

Photo credit: Andrea Rodea

Jean-Carla Rodea – Multimedia, interdisciplinary artist

Jean Carla Rodea (b in Mexico City) is an interdisciplinary artist and educator currently based in Brooklyn, NY. Her work involves a variety of disciplines and mediums such as music, sound, poetry, vocal performance and performance art, photography, video, movement, and sculpture. Her artistic practice deals with spaces and instances where socio-political and cultural constructs are rendered visible through multimedia installations and performance. Rodea is invested in understanding how time is insistently constructed through memory and how these memories whether embodied or recorded in spaces are documented and re/constructed. Archival research – whether it takes place in an institution or in her personal archive – often leads her to draw from fiction and speculative history around documents, physical traces, and spaces. Jean Carla earned an MFA from CUNY’s Digital and Interdisciplinary Arts Practice and was a recipient of several Connor awards and fellowships for research-based residencies in Mexico City. Jean Carla is an alumni and fellow from the Wassaic Project, The Interdisciplinary Art and Theory Program, Works on Water, The Home School, and Materia Abierta. She has performed extensively and shown work at Roulette Intermedium, Carnegie Hall, BRIC, Knockdown Center, Judson Church, Danspace, Center for Performance Research, Panoply Lab, Parallel, Rio ll Gallery, The Clemente, BRAC, WAAM, El Museo de Los Sures, Casul, The Graduate Center, to mention a few.

Photo Credit: Levi Gershkowitz

rebeca medina – Dancer and choreographer

rebeca medina likes to improvise and choreograph bodies in space. Originally from Bogotá, Colombia she has danced and collaborated with numerous choreographers in South and North America like Yoshiko Chuma, Dai Jian, Megan Byrne, Tatyana Tenenbaum, Miriam Parker, Natalia Orozco, among others. She received her Masters in Theater and Live Arts in 2011. Since then she has been collaborating with theater companies, choreographers, video artists, poets, photographers, musicians and herbalists. As an artist, activist and human she is interested in nature; plants, animals and processes of migration.

Photo Credit: Lívia Sá

Merche Blasco – Interdisciplinary artist

Merche Blasco is an interdisciplinary artist and composer based in New York.
Her work involves designing and building imprecise technological assemblages that catalyze new listening modes and embodied forms of live composition in electroacoustic sounds. Through these devices, Blasco attempts to establish a more horizontal relationship with audio technologies, distancing herself from parameters of precision, power, and control. She instead explores collaborative spaces where these instruments render audible unheard energetic forces, and offer a composition methodology in which her body and the live exploration of alternative materials are central elements.

She has presented her performances and installations at the Whitney Museum of American Art, Sonar Festival in Barcelona, La Biennale di Venezia, NIME conferences, Tsonami International Sound Art Festival in Chile, The High Line in New York, SONIC Festival, Mapping Festival (Geneva), Queens Museum of Art and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Santiago de Chile, among others. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Wire magazine.